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Plumbers can now install a new range of wood burning boilers, which will help customers save money, it has been announced.
An energy supplier has warned people to check their boilers are working - meaning plumbers could be inundated with new work this winter.

Welcome To The Plumbers Uk

Welcome to the Plumbers Uk
Plumbing emergencies come top of the list of contemporary household nightmares. They tend to strike at the worst possible moments and, with plumbers currently in short supply, it can be hard to know where to turn for help.

Plumbers UK aims to guide users through a range of common home plumbing nightmares, supplying detailed practical and consumer advice alongside a wealth of relevant contact information.

Our unique plumber locator service makes it easier than ever to track down registered plumbing contractors operating in your local area.

Get a range of quotes for any plumbing job without making a single phone call! Simply enter your home postcode in the search box and indicate your particular requirements on the following page. We'll forward your contact details to all the plumbers you select from our list of relevant plumbing firms in your area.

Plumbers UK offers a hassle-free solution to domestic plumbing crises. Emergency over, thanks to Plumbers UK!

Plumbers UK is financed by revenue from advertising and contains data supplied by - the UK's leading provider of local business information.

Plumbers Advice
Tips for Choosing A Plumber
Tips for Choosing A Plumber

When people have a plumbing problem, they usually aren't very picky about what plumber they choose to complete the job. This can lead to being overcharged, inconvenienced for longer than necessary...

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Corgi Registration
Gas Safe Registration

In Great Britain, on April 1st 2009, the Gas Safe Register™ replaced CORGI gas registration...

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Shutting Off Your Water
Shutting Off Your Water

You may be required to shut off water if leaks occur, or if a pipe in your home bursts. In situations such as this, it is crucial that you know where the main valve for shutting off your water supply is...

More About Shutting Off Your Water

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